Under the Kitchen Sink Alkaline RO

Main Specifications

  • 100 GPD Pump (with full Copper Winding)

  • 100 GPD Membrane (In Ovay Sheet)

  • 2.5 Amp SMPS

  • World's Best Alkaline Filter (Korean mould filled with Certified Japanese natural mineral stones)

  • Carbon made from coconut shell with one thousand Iodine Value

  • 100% Food Grade Cabinet

  • 8 Ltrs Storage Capacity

  • 15 LPH Purification capacity

Main Features :

Useful for Modern Kitchen(Where No space for RO Installation)

Supplies essential minerals like Ca, Mg, K, Na etc.

Enhance pH value of Water by converting acidic RO Water in Alkaline water.

Makes water Anti-oxidant by decreasing the ORP of Water.

Adds dissolved hydrogen in water which has numerous health benefits.