About Us

THE motto behind making this Company is to aware the Indian people about the miraculous health benefits of Alkaline Water which Japanese people are getting by drinking Alkaline Water from many decades. In today’s materialistic world, everybody is rushing to make more money & in race of making more money, our health is somewhere left behind which is most important factor in anybody’s life. Due to busy lifestyle, people don’t find appropriate time to maintain their fitness. Mr Sanjay Aggarwal(Founder of The Company) believes that there is nothing important than our health. He started studying on Natural Ways by which one can stay fit without sparing much time from today’s hectic schedule of life.

Studies show that there are 5 major factors (Accumulation of acidic waste & Toxins, Diminishing of Bicarbonate, Dehydration, Free Radicals & Weakening of Immune System) responsible for anybody getting old & suffering from different kinds of diseases. Now, the question does rises that “Is there any method by which we can reverse the Bad Effects caused by the above mentioned factors". The answer is "YES". By drinking lots of Hydrogen rich, Anti-bacterial, Anti-oxidant Alkaline water, we can reverse the Bad Effects caused by these 5 factors & can stay young as long as we can. Now, Even Our Modern Science’ Doctors/Scientist endorsed this statement (You can study this in detail in our ‘Why Alkaline’ Section).